Don't want to deal with many venues, cateres, and other event suppliers by yourselves but hiring event organizer is too costly?

Event Banana's Supplies & Services is here to help! We offer venue and supplier sourcing services with an optional on-site event coordination service. Thank to our large network of venues and service providers, we can source quality suppliers for your event or meeting with the reasonable price. The best part of our service? - you do not need to deal with many different suppliers- we do the heavy lifting part of coordinating for you.

Why Supplies & Services ?

 Single point of contact

Dealing with many suppliers takes a lot of time. With our Supplies & Services, our professional coordinator will source different venue option for you and be your single point of contact. Besides, we can also help you find and coordinate with other suppliers to make sure your event or meeting is smooth as planned.

 Fast service

We appreciate and respect your time - that's why we always strive to be as responsive as possible and get you the options in the timely fashion. Due to our large partnered network, we can give you a quote.

 Reasonable price

We try to get you the best deal of very vendors. There is no additional charge venue sourcing service. Additional affordable fee may apply for coordinating different vendors and on-site service.

Scope of Event's Banana Supplies & Services

 Venue Sourcing

We can source and offer you options of venues that match your requirements and budget. On top of that, we also help negotiate with them to get you the best price.

touch_app Attendee Engagement

Keep your audience engaged with latest event application for interactive Q&A, Live poll, Vote, and more.

local_dining Catering

We have variety to food options for your meeting and event. From Thai to japanese or even clean food, you will have most available options to choose from.

 High Quality Live Streaming

Professional high quality live streaming service that allow you to broadcast your event anywhere. Plus, you have an option to create exclusive content that can charge pay per view to generate another revenue atream for you.

 Online and On-site registration

No more headache of managing attendance list. We can you help you with the online registration and On-site attendance check-in so you are prepared for any event coming up.

 And much more

We have network of suppliers of different types Including live bands, performance, stage, light&sound, PR, Media, Photographer, Videographer and so on. Whatever you are looking for, we have a solution for you.

If you need help for your event, please feel free to let us know at

Phone Number: 061-858-2233

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